Professional Hypnotherapy in Wolverhampton since 2009

Hello and welcome to Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy, the West Midlands premier hypnotherapy clinic since 2009.

Joan is an Essex Institute Gold Standard hypnotherapist and BSc. undergraduate (Psychology with Counselling) with the Open University and uses a combination of counselling psychotherapy alongside hypnotherapy.

We have helped many hundreds of people to overcome fears and phobias, beat anxiety and make significant personal changes so that they can enjoy their lives free from stress and worries created by today’s high pressure lifestyles.

As well as offering clinical hypnotherapy through our Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy business, we can also offer a full range of mental health counselling solutions through our main holding company, Tranceform Psychology  based at the same premises in Wombourne.

Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy continues to grow in popularity as an effective alternative to mainstream medically-based interventions. As people strive more and more to cope with the ever growing pressures of life it seems the nation’s mental health is becoming more and more fragile. This is clearly indicated by the sheer volume of anti-depressants that are being prescribed by GP’s compared to those levels 30 years ago.

Below you can find a range of different problems that may be helped with Hypnotherapy but if you cannot find your particular problem listed here then please visit our List of Problems.


Anxiety problems are the most common conditions that clients consult us for. This is unsurprising because anxiety is the mind’s reaction to any situation that might be considered ‘dangerous’ or threatening.

Weight Loss

Next to quitting smoking, more people look to hypnotherapy to gain control over their eating than for any other type of personal problem. Wolverhampton hypnotherapy is an original Hypno-Band provider too.

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Phobias & Fears

There are many fears and phobias that can be helped with hypnotherapy, in particular it is very popular for the fear of flying. In fact hypnosis has an excellent track record with the majority of phobias that can be found on this site.

Anger Problems

Anger management problems seem to be on the rise in today’s stressful world. Anger is generally a purely destructive emotion and can destroy relationships as well as self-esteem.

Self Confidence

Low self confidence problems respond particularly well to a short course of hypnotherapy and can help in other areas of your life including both your personal and working environments,

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is when you worry about what others might be thinking about you when you are in social situations. It can have a negative impact on both personal and working lives.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are ‘extreme’ forms of anxiety although they may seem much worse. Hypnotherapy can be very useful for helping you to maintain your perspective in ‘trigger’ situations.


Depression is becoming more and more of a problem in today’s society. Hypnotherapy cannot ‘cure’ depression but can be useful in alleviating the associated symptoms.

Obsessive Thinking

Obsessive thinking patterns can become very disruptive if not dealt with sooner rather than later. Although they provide the illusion of ‘control’ they are actually a lack of control!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Today the majority of GP’s will recommend IBS sufferers to consult with a qualified hypnotherapist to help relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and stressors.

Sleep Problems

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are built upon the fundamental of relaxation and so are incredibly useful for helping people to beat sleeping issues as well as improve the quality of sleep.

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking hypnosis is still considered to be THE most effective method of overcoming the smoking habit. Joan’s 2 hour session combines clinical hypnosis, NLP and BWRT.

More About Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy

Joan is our Hypnotherapy specialist utilising Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as a totally new and exciting form of psychotherapy called Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT).

She is also a Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert and licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner as well as having extensive training in advanced hypnotherapy from Terence Watts at the Essex Institute.

Paul holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Psychology and has developed an advanced form of cognitive behavioural therapy called Tranceformental CBT which takes advantage of some of the latest research advances for improving therapeutic outcomes.

He has particular expertise in helping people suffering from Emetophobia – the Fear of Vomiting – along with many other Psychological problems such as Depression, Anxiety and Confidence issues.

You can find out more about mental health counselling using applied psychological therapies and coaching with Paul at Cotrio Unicorn Costume Fancy Dress Up Flower Girls Dresses Pagea.

Hypnotherapy Services

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If you are looking for Clinical or Conversational Hypnotherapy to help solve your particular problem then please consult Joan.

Hypnotherapy is the combination of hypnosis and counselling for helping people to overcome or sometimes permanently solve problems by ‘accessing’ and promoting change at the ‘subconscious’ level.

Our subconscious is the part of our mind that looks after our ‘automatic’ thinking and general daily management of activities such as breathing, heart rate and can be thought of as the part of our psyche where our ‘habits’ are stored.

If we want to make changes to any of our habits then we need to make those changes at the subconscious level – this is what Hypnotherapy sets out to achieve.

Find out more about Hypnotherapy here.

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    Exam Nerves Solved with Thrive Programme (Career progression) I contacted Paul on the recommendation of a friend in March 2011, as i was very worried about an exam I needed to pass to help me further my career. The therapeutic technique used was Changing Limited Beliefs. (Now known as “Thrive”) [...]

  • Anxiety and Depression Solved with Hypnotherapy

    Mrs. L: Hypnotherapy  Solves Depression and Anxiety I first approached Paul in February 2010. Having just opened my own business after months of holdups, rather than being excited and proud of what I had achieved, I was suffering great anxiety, sleepless nights and weight loss. My partner didn't know what [...]

  • Severe Depression

    Severe Depression Solved Wolverhampton Paul is the ultimate professional, easy to talk to and very competent. What can I say about a man and a process that not only stopped me wanting to kill myself but also made me want to live my life to the fullest? I was so [...]

  • Public Speaking Phobia Solved

    Public Speaking Phobia - Mr. J I contacted Paul in March 2011 as I had decided that I must do something to change how restricted I felt due to lack of confidence. After an initial chat Paul recommended the Changing Limiting Beliefs course.  I learnt so much about myself and how to change my [...]

  • Separation Anxiety

    Mrs. D: Hypnotherapy & The Thrive Programme Solves Separation Anxiety I came to see Paul in February 2011, as i was suffering with anxiety, depression and  separation anxiety, also had great difficulty sleeping! I can honestly say I had hit the lowest point in my entire life and didn’t know what [...]

  • Man Loses Weight with Hypno-Band

    Mr. D:  I lost weight with the Hypno-band Weight Loss System In four months I have lost 2 1/2 stone I can't believe it!! (I keep saying it time and time again ) When I came and saw you in May for a group of sessions based on having a Hypno-band, I [...]

  • Quit Snacking with Hypno-Band

    Mrs K: I Quit Snacking with Hypno-Band in Wolverhampton Having reached the heaviest I had ever been I decided it was time to take control of my eating and get my weight sorted out ONCE and FOR ALL. I had heard about Hypnotherapy and decided to give it a go. [...]

  • Depression Solved with Thrive

    Mr H: The Thrive Programme gave me a “protective bubble” against negativity & depression I came to see Paul in July for help with some issues I had throughout my life.  I grew up in a household where one of my parents was very depressed and in an environment that was [...]

  • Negative Outlook Reversed

    Miss H: I changed my negative outlook with The Thrive Programme I contacted Paul in May 2011 when I was in a “bad place” in my life. It had come to the time whereby I felt my bad habits had taken over my life, I was in complete despair and [...]

  • Fear of Being Sick Solved

    Miss J. The Thrive Programme helped me to overcome my Emetophobia - The Fear of Being Sick I first contacted Paul as I suffered from a number of things – which were really affecting my life. Low self esteem, social anxiety, no confidence, panic attacks but most of all emetophobia. [...]

  • Bird Phobia Solved

    Bird Phobia Solved with the Thrive Programme in Wolverhampton I first contacted Paul in May 2012, as I was due to go on holiday and have a fear of birds, so I wanted to try hypnotherapy to help with my fear.  At the same time I was suffering anxiety about [...]

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